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About us

Who we are?

Our mission? Collect and deliver, at your place, according to your schedules of preference, your linen and your clothes cleaned by experts of the pressing.

my5àsec is a service offered by 5àsec, world leader in textile cleaning and maintenance for individuals.

Why my5àsec?<

my5àsec lets you benefit from dry cleaning services and laundry by weight 6 days a week, at an affordable price, directly from your smartphone or your computer.

Order on my5àsec

How to plan a collect?

You can plan a collect from our website, or by downloading our app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Our application will geolocate you and you will be able to order a collect in less than 60 seconds. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to help you!

What can I expect at my first order?

Your my5àsec courier arrives.

  • Your my5àsec courier arrives at the given address in the time slot selected.
  • You will be notified by mail/text/notification of his arrival.

Your my5àsec courier collects your order.

  • At your first order, our courier will come with 2 bags: the first bag is for the linen that you want to recover washed and folded, option laundry by weight. The second bag is the dry cleaning bag, for delicate items that will be cleaned and ironed, for example your shirt or dress.
  • If you have any specific instructions, give them to the courier.

Our teams take care of your laundry.

  • When your order is received by our teams, your clothes are sorted by our professionals according to the dedicated and specific treatments. You receive the details of your order by email.
  • Our teams are experts in dry cleaning, we have established several stages of inspection and quality control to ensure the quality of our service.

Your my5àsec courier delivers your fresh laundry.

  • Your my5àsec courier arrives at the given address in the time slot selected.
  • Your courier gives you back your fresh items.

Do I have to sort out my articles for the dry cleaning option from those for the laundry by weight option?

Yes, it will save a lot of time while collecting your clothes. Put the laundry by weight's items on one side, and those for dry cleaning and ironing on another. To guarantee the respect of the deadlines, any article not included in the formula laundry by weight will be automatically counted as articles per pieces.

Once your first order is done, you will be able to use the my5àsec bags that your courier has given you back.

Which items are allowed in the laundry by weight formula?

Allowed items are: T-shirts, polos, sweaters, jeans, chinos, underwear, pants (without folds), shorts, skirts, dresses (not delicate), sweatshirts and jackets.

Item that is delicate or requires special attention (dry cleaning, stain removal) is not allowed. Example of unauthorized items: shirt, delicate clothes, item requiring dry cleaning (costume, etc.), evening dress, wedding dress, coat, jacket, parka, down jacket, jacket/ski pants and linen Of house

How will my clothes be transported?

To ensure the flair of your laundry during its transport, we have developed a cover and bags of laundry by weight studied specifically for the use of the service and meeting important criteria such as convenience for use, transportation, fabric resistance and impermeability.

Is there a minimum amount to place an order?

No, there is no minimum amount to place an order. Do not forget that the delivery is offered to you from CHF 30.- of order, it would be a pity to miss this occasion ;).

How will I be informed of the total amount of my order?

You will not be charged when creating your order. When your order will be handed over to our dry cleaning experts, the content of your order will be detailed by our teams and you will receive the total amount of your order by email.


What is dry cleaning?

Each garment and textile requires special treatment: some cleaning labels recommend dry cleaning and others a simple washing. The work of our teams of experts at the 5àsec laundry is to analyze the garment and its composition in order to carry out the most suitable cleaning.

Dry cleaning is a way to clean clothes without using water. The use of eco-friendly solvents ensures that clothes are cleaned and deodorized without the risk of damaging the fiber.

Is there a minimum number of kilos for an order of laundry by weight?

The laundry by weight system is charged by weight, with a minimum quantity of 3 kg per order, rounded up to the nearest kg.

How to be sure that you do not separate my clothes from each other?

Our system is carefully studied to avoid any loss of article.

Can all items be handled in the laundry by weight formula?

The laundry by weight formula is ideal for all clothes and items that can be folded and do not require special cleaning. The laundry by weight option does not include shirts, blouses and upholstery. Articles are detailled above.

How to determine the weight of my laundry?

Our partner workshops have a scale that they use to weigh bags.

Manage my account

How to create my my5àsec account?

You can create a my5àsec account from the app on your phone or on the website. Choose your address, fill out the recovery and delivery slots and add your details.

I lost my password, how to get a new one?

On the login page, enter your email according to the procedure and you will receive a code allowing you to identify yourself.

How to use a promo code?

If you are lucky enough to have a promo code, you can use it on the app. You also can use it on the website.

If you use the application, you will find the promotions that you have access to in the promotions tab. To use a promo code, enter the field provided for this purpose in the control channel.


How much costs the my5asec service?

To know the price of our services, go to the application or on the price list on this site.

When will the debit happened?

When you place an order, we do not charge your credit card immediately. When your laundry arrives at our workshop, our team will create a ticket that lists all items in your order, it is at that time that you will be charged.

Why the amount of the bank transaction seems higher than the amount indicated on my5àsec?

In order to guarantee the transaction, our bank provider makes a bank imprint during the validation of your order that is greater than your actual order. This amount is blocked but it is not debited and the bank reserve is unlocked automatically after a period of 7 days.

Why has my payment been refused?

Our payment provider carries out an extremely strict control of the debtors, which is why your payment may be refused for various reasons. Your balance does not allow you to make a sufficient bank reserve, the card number is invalid or the card is expired. If the payment is declined several times in a short period of time, our payment provider will immediately consider you as suspect and you will be blacklisted. This will blocked your account, as well as any new account making a payment attempt with a similar name, card number, or e-mail. Only one of these features is enough to identify you and block you again.


That's why we advise you to be very vigilant during the payment process.

Why can I only pay by credit card?

We live in the 21st century! And we like that ;) That's why all our transactions are online.

More seriously, we only take card payments because it allows us to offer you an optimal customer experience. It also creates a more secure environment for you and our couriers. However, do not hesitate to leave your tips in change if you wish!

How to modify my bank details?

Simply change your details when you next order.

Manage my order

How to modify my order?

You can modify your order from the application or the website in the "My Orders" section. If the collect or delivery schedule does not suit you anymore, click reschedule to choose a new one. If you want to change a collect or delivery schedule at the last moment, you will probably have to contact us.

What can I do if I have a problem with my order?

Because your satisfaction is our priority and that we do our maximum to ensure that your experience with my5àsec is fantastic, from making your order to delivery of your laundry. It may happen that sometimes things do not go as we would like or as you would like. That is why a customer service is entirely dedicated to you: 5 days a week we are at your disposal on +41 22 518 51 30 or on contact@my5sec.ch.

What happens if I'm not there to hand over or pick up my order?

If you realize that you will not be able to welcome your courier at the scheduled time, we simply ask you to let us know by changing your slot from the "My Orders" menu or by contacting us.

As for our couriers, if they encounter difficulties once arrived at the address indicated, they will call you. In case they can not reach you, our customer service takes over, via phone or e-mail.

If, after 10 minutes, we are still unable to contact you, and we are, despite all our efforts, unable to collect or deliver your order, we will be obliged to ask our courier to leave to manage another order. In the event of this situation, you will be charged CHF 15.-. In order to avoid such a situation, we advise you to always double-check the accuracy of the details provided, to keep an eye on your e-mails and/or to keep your phone at hand for the time of delivery. - in case ;).